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Services offered to Business Users


Wired & wireless network design & installation: Your company’s network is the bloodstream of your IT system, so we treat network setups with attention to detail. We have set up numerous sites with wired and wireless network systems with excellent performances and reliability achieved throughout. Some of our achievements include setting up wireless networks that cover entire hotels over numerous floors with full performance and reliability and at affordable costs. Company wireless networks have also been set up with the latest security levels, MAC filtering and intrusion detection and monitoring mechanisms to ensure peace of mind.
Anti-virus and anti-spam software installations: Unfortunately viruses, malware and spyware can bring the best of systems down. We can offer our assistance to help you recover from such failures as soon as possible with the least disruption. Our recommendations are to set up powerful anti-virus, anti-malware programs and execute regular scanning to prevent failures before occurring and stop these unwanted programs from spreading further. Spam mail is an annoyance to all and can prevent you from finding your required mails, once again we can assist by setting you up with proper anti-spam programs to keep your mailbox clean and operational.
Server assembly and monitoring: Your company’s servers sit at the core of your business and must be able to cater for all your system’s requirements, be compatible and be 100% available 24/7. You can make use of our wide experience on servers as we have set up and worked on many varieties of systems and topologies. Internal company domains, user accounts, proper data sharing, auditing and numerous features have been set up and maintained successfully by ourselves, and we look back on all these with pride that they have all been a job well done. Our servers installations and maintenance operations have been set up to cover a range of clients from small businesses infrastructures up to large enterprises covering numerous branches.
Routine preventive maintenance: We believe that prevention is better than cure. When a problem happens, it brings business to a halt, so it is best to avoid that scenario. Regular checkups of your software, hardware and network means that we will be in a position to detect a problem before it escalates and regular hardware servicing means that some problems can be avoided entirely. This will bring up your business system reliability considerably and you can rest assured that your system is safe.
Scheduled backups & data recovery: Some ENGINEs of scenarios such as hard disk failure and accidental deletion of data are one of our worst nightmares. Once again it is best to ensure to take regular backups of your data, preferably even to a different physical location so that if anything goes wrong then your data can be safely recovered. Some organisations have gone to great lengths to ensure successful recovery, even keeping separate backups for separate days of the week as well as separate weekly backups. If you are in the situation where your data has been deleted, a hard disk is not working or even if your emails have been deleted and you don’t have a backup then we can still help as we are well equipped with data recovery equipment and we can probably still get your data back.
Performance improvement: Incorrect configurations and even software problems can result in a degradation of system performance such that what should be a fast system starts slowing down. We can assist in such situations by analysing your system to establish the cause and get your system back to speed.
Application development: If you have a new system in mind – tell us about it! We will help you to take your idea further and develop it into a proper software system.
Web Design: Having a website is a main requirement for any business. It will be your showcase, your internet presence and your clients will find you closer and easily. Let us know what you have in mind, we can surely help and provide you with a fully functional website according to what you require.
Search Engine Optimization: Do you have a great website but it seems that nobody is actually logging on to it? The internet is nowadays a big market and your website can easily be lost amongst the rest. Thanks to a process called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) we can push up your website’s ranking such that whenever anyone makes an internet search then your website will be among the first results.
IT Consultancy: Do you have any other situation that we have not listed above? Please feel free to contact us for a consultation visit. From our training and vast experience we will definitely be able to assist with a large variety requirements and client setups. We are here for your service.