Home Support & Repair

Services Offerred to Home users

PC Repairs: Why go through the hassle of unplugging your computer and taking it for repairs when we can come and fix your computer troubles at the convenience of your own home? We are just a phone call away!
Computer upgrades:  Do you require more disk space? More memory? A more powerful processor? We are happy to assist by coming over and give you our recommendations and upgrade your computer in any way necessary. Software upgrades are also available.
Removal of spyware and virus:  It is a fact that nowadays a very high percentage of computers have been attacked by viruses and spyware over the internet or over email. We have all the necessary skills and tools to find and remove these annoyances that are affecting your computer’s performance and bringing up so many pops to your screen.
Backups, formats and Windows re-installation: Any computer will have to be reinstalled some day. This is normally the result of an accumulation of programs installed, damage done from malicious software installed over the internet, corrupted files etc. In order to make this process an easy one for our clients, we will come over and pick up the computer ourselves, take all necessary steps to backup the precious data before proceeding, and after everything is installed we will deliver back the computer ourselves, connect it to the internet, printer, webcam, scanner and anything else that you may have. We will also do a physical cleanup of your computer fans and check to make sure that everything is in good running order.
Internet connection problems and wireless setup: If your computer has lost its connection to the internet or if you have applied for a new internet connection, we can offer you our assistance to make sure that you are connected as quickly as possible. We can also offer you wired and wireless router installations with security so that you can share your internet connection with the rest of the family members in your home without giving access to anyone else in the vicinity. Playstations, WII, mobile phones and other consoles can also be connected to the internet using a router.
Security cameras sharing on the internet:  Want to keep an eye on your business from home? If you have cameras installed we can assist you by connecting them to the internet so that you can view them from anywhere.
Data recovery from bad hard disks, from deleted data and partitions:  If your data has been lost, there is still a good chance that we can get it back. We can assist with recovery of deleted photos, documents, data, emails, partitions etc. If your hard disk is faulty, we may still be successful in getting back your data. Give us a call and we will be happy to have a look. If we do not succeed, then a payment is not required.
Internal physical computer cleanup and servicing:  A computer has a number of fans inside that over time these will accumulate a lot of dust. Over time, all this dust will block important air flow paths and in Malta’s hot summer it will make your computer very hot, slow and could cause damage due to overheating. It is our recommendation that at least once a year before summer. We have the right tools and skills to take care of this job for you, and we can also take care of this at the convenience of your own home or office.
Microsoft Windows 7 / Vista / XP & Office assistance and tutoring: Our continual studying has awarded us certification from Microsoft amongst others, while our considerable experience has been critical in developing skills that we can use to assist you on your software needs such as on Microsoft Office. There are so many things that can be done with your software! It is our job to help you make the very best use of the tools at your disposal. We can offer you that we come over and help you with your work, and create formulas in spreadsheets to make your life much easier.
MAC support: Support on the Macintosh system can also be offered. We can assist with a variety of problems, we can also set up your MAC with a dual boot system such that you can run Windows on it as well.
Email Setup: We can help you out by setting up your email account on to Outlook or to any other required program. Email accounts can be set up on more than one computer and you can have more than one email account on the same PC. We also offer on site tutoring on email usage, installation of SPAM filters to fight unwanted mails from coming in and we can also set up free email accounts for you.
Customized PC assembly: Buying a new computer has never been easier! Just tell us what is required and we will give you our recommendation. The new computer will be delivered to you and properly set up so that you are ready to go as soon as possible! If you are replacing your old computer, then we can also assist by transferring data from your old computer to the new one.
On-site individual tutoring: Computers and technology is everywhere nowadays, do you or your children afford to be left out? We can offer you our assistance and come over ourselves and teach you anything that you need to know on your own computer at affordable prices!